9 Oct 2008

Relatively little done today, I have tidied up some of the code, and I have made some alterations

to allow the output to be put in the right locations - so that it links to the main site home page.

This generated me a new problem, in that it was the first time I had run the blog output under apache.
(as opposed to just opening the file from the computer - see yesterday's post if this doesn't make sense)

Running under apache2 browsing from safari gave me a problem that only one of the two style sheets
loaded by the header to each page - seemed to be having any effect - so the pages are rendering

You can see the difference looking at the same test pages below - they are exaclty the same bit of
html/css, not even copies the same files in the same place - it's just one is being served by apache
and one is being opened directly from the file system.

Here is it loaded with Apache -

some placeholder words for the tool tip

And here it is loaded as a straight file form the browser -

some placeholder words for the tool tip


Other things to do -

1/ Multiple Blogs - the code is really designed only to do one blog at a time at the moment, as I eventually
want it to do all the blogs then I think I should fix this soon.

2/ jpgs/pngs/gifs etc. - it doesn't move them around or put the links in for them at all yet

3/ filling up the navigation bar

4/ testing it on an online system

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