Back to laying down cork; this time I have the additional problem that I want the edge of the cork to be a 60 degree angle where there is no platform and a right angle cut where there is a platform. This is further complicated by the fact that the platforms at Banbury (like at many stations) have a considerable overhang - I have looked at these for sometime (hard to measure without getting yourself arrested) I believe the overhang is about 9 inches.


The road bed needs to be wider where there aren't platforms too. In order to make marking and cutting the cork as accurate as I could, I printed out two full scale plans from xtrckcad - one with a roadbed width of 39mm, which I used where there was a platform and one with a roadbed width of 44mm which I used where there was no platform. I then combined the two and used an angled cutter where there was no platform and a knife held normally for platform edges.

The 5mm difference is more than the scale 9 inch overhang would be (it is between 14 and 15 inches) but the angled profile outside the platform areas reduces the effective width.

/images/StationCorking.thumbnail.jpg /images/corkedStation.thumbnail.jpg