1 Sep 2011

DCC conversion on a Bachmann 4MT 4-6-0

I don't write up most of the DCC conversions - only those ones are slightly tricky - as much for my own aide meoir as anything else.

I have recently added a decoder to a Bachmann 4MT 4-6-0 - getting the body off is not too bad - as long as you identify the right screws - to get to the front one you have to look under the front bogie - an access hole is provided in the bogie to get at it. The rear one requires the brake work plastic to be moved to one side - as shown below.

some placeholder words for the tool tip

Once the body is off then I found my favourite TCS DP2X-UK wouldn't fit in the space and went for a decoder with a harness - shown here is the Bachmann three function decoder. I have had problems with these before and the only reason I used it here was that it was the best fit into the space in the boiler...

some placeholder words for the tool tip

In fact I got very erratic running (loco suddenly bolting and suddenly locking still) so I gave that up as a bad job and went for a LENZ silver instead which was harder to fit in the boiler space but works perfectly.

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