2 Feb 2012


I started thinking about Railway modelling a while back when I realised that I wouldn't be able to go on flying areobatics for ever.

I first built a one trestle table test network to find out about DCC then over the next year or so expanded that into a simple circuit to test out block detection, and computer control which took me a while to get clear on.

Since then I have been working on a design for an OO version of Banbury (ca. 1962) this has been going on for several years and getting nowhere - so before Christmas I decided to get started with some baseboards and only try and finalise the design for the station and the fiddle yard for now. SO currently I have left the long back wall undesigned.

For this reason the long back wall baseboards for the moment is just simple shelf bracket supporting 21cm wide ply that will just support joining tracks. The East and West boards are to be L girder style of baseboards with 62cm wide ply - although the east side will be wider cross members to support a raised loop to allow trains to turn.

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