10 Sep 2011

Bachmann suburbans - part 4 Fixing Leds

Looking back on some earlier advice from Richard of DCC concepts on use of Flicker Free with FL2 I realised that what was missing (though you won't find instructions to tell you this anywhere).

You need to connect the blue 'return' wire on the FL2 to the green wire of the FF2 via a pull up resistor (10K seems to be fine).

Doing this and voila I now have DCC control over the lights via the TCS FL2 decoder and the FlickerFree unit.

[I will put up a circuit diagram when I have finished tweaking later on].

So I went ahead and fitted the strips of LEDs into the open carriage.

some placeholder words for the tool tip

My next job is to fit the DCC concepts LocoLamp onto the back of the brake coach. It is amazingly small - it is marked here with a red arrow.

some placeholder words for the tool tip

It isn't brilliantly positioned and I have just used regular plastic kit glue to fix it.

Getting to the point where I was confident enough to fix the locolamp was a long story - I had a whole pack of them (thirty quids worth) that just didn't seem to want to work for me - they are easy to blow up but even so! That pack has been sitting in my cupboard for several years so in frustration I purahcsed a new pack and these seem to work fine.

One trick to learn is how to remove the enamel insulation of the tiny leads that supply the locolamp. There are several techniques - you can burn it off - but this is a bit uncontrolled, or you can gently wipe with an emery cloth being careful to put no strain on the connection - neither are great. and stripping the insulation remains a bit of an art form.

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