19 Apr 2013

Class 128

Despite frequent resolutions to not buy any more stock - I am sucker for some things. I loved the new Heljan 128 Diesel Parcels Unit in green with speed whiskers.

It is a lovely heavy model, unfortunately Heljan have cost reduced their packaging from their lovely strong boxes to the same sort of system used by Bachmann and Hornby - you can see the result here -

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I could have sent it back back it appears that I was far from alone and would probably have just received a replacement with similar problems. Therefore out with the glue and some careful gluing got most of the pieces back on.

Taking it apart meant removing four small bolts and prising the body off - it would be easy to damage the fittings in the cab ends getting the body on and off.

I used a TCSEU621 decoder which seemed to fit in easily into the 21 pin socket.

some placeholder words for the tool tip
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