20 Sep 2011

Bachmann suburbans - part 5: Bogie conversion

The first job to do on the bogie was to change it to a Kadee coupling

I am using the technique I found by a contributor to Model Rail Forum here Which involves unscrewing the coupling bracket and then cut off the vertical section that holds the old tension lock then drill a hole as far forward as you dare in the now forward most horizontal section of what remains. Use that hole to bolt on a Kadee 46 and then remount the whole unit upside down - voila its magically at the correct height.

some placeholder words for the tool tip

After fitting the kadee then on the rearmost bogie of the brake van (i.e. the one underneath the guards/parcel area where we are going to locate the electronics) then I fitted the brelec pickups - these are expensive and fiddly - especially getting the little 'rivet' to go through the hole you have to drill without dropping everything and having to crawl around on the floor to find all the pieces (repeat until you get fed up). I will reserve judgement on whether cost/effort was worth it until i see how they work.

some placeholder words for the tool tip
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