22 Sep 2011

Bachmann suburbans - part 6: Circuit Diagram

So I have ended up using two FlickerFree units to control the two sets of lights - one FF2 to control the carriage light and one to control the rear light. The rear light you could just control from the FL2 and live with the flickering but I have decided not to.

Here is the circuit that I ended up with after much messing about...note that there are actually twelve tiny leds for the carriage lights - only four are shown..also note that the two resistor values are not to be confused 47Kohm is required for the locolamp -less than 10K would probably damage it- wheras 47ohm is required to get the 12 carriage lights to have the sort of brightness one might want (less than you initially think).

some placeholder words for the tool tip
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