25 Aug 2007


Having watched the YouTube videos on Mckinley - I am sure I want block detection and computer control options.

This I think means digitrax or Lenz.

If I use Lenz then I could also use LDT for cheaper and neater occupancy detectors - see the RS-8

http://www.ldt-infocenter.com/english/home_frame_e.htm LDT block detection

Which is also used here

http://staffordcentral.co.uk/wip.aspx see 17th Jun 07 entry ....and here

http://www.electricnose.co.uk/dcc/dccsystem.html see also ...


in terms of computer control everyone seems to be opting for Friewald http://www.freiwald.com/

I notice that one of the bigger Dcc specialists is close to Mum and Dad - so perhaps I could combine a trip


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