6 Mar 2009

New Test Layout

I have now moved into the new room - hoorah, and I have taken my single board layout and am working on turning it into a "tail chaser". I intend t use this layout to do a dummy run before I build a more seroious layout.

In particular I want to check out track laying (using glue rather than pins) and ballasting techniques, and most importantly I want to work on the electrical fit out to allow computer and panel control as well as throttle control.

Here is the current progress, with the cork layed.

some placeholder words for the tool tipsome placeholder words for the tool tip
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2 Mar 2009

Team Digital SMD 82

- Can operate a pair of points from a single output
- Operates on a switch transition rather than level
- LED driven onl from tortoise?
- poor to operate tortoise?

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