8 Mar 2013

Control Panel Continued

I am sure there must be a better way to do this...

I have ended up drilling more than 120 holes in the aluminium and the paper - and they have to line up!!

Here is the 1.5mm Aluminium and the paper with their holes in place...

some placeholder words for the tool tip

some placeholder words for the tool tip

In the unlikely event that you are a materials scientist looking for a material that will resist all attempts to glue it, then I strongly suggest the combination of waterproof paper and aluminium, they have resisted every attempt to glue them together - including, copydex, superglue, pva (all presumably fail because od the lack of air getting to the glue) - more surprising is that araldite failed as well - as this shouldn't need air having its own chemical fixer.

Anyway I have decided that the large number of switches and leds can be used to hold the paper in place. This does mean that I will need to use LED holders rather than just glue the LEDs into the bare holes - LED holders are a bit fiddly and are hard to get just right in terms of hole diameter - either too sloppy or require an industrial press to get the things in.

Anyway here is a test fit with some switches...

some placeholder words for the tool tip

The final piece of the jigsaw is the box, which has two DTM30 boards from CML electronics. To make the connections easier - I have mounted a passive LocoHub4 board that I made up from a blank PCB provided by Huib Maaskant in the Nethernlands. This then connects to each DTM leaving two external facing ports.

I have made the box out of thin ply, a mistake I think and I am not happy with it for various reasons. I have used two M5 rivnuts mounted in aluminium offcuts and glued onto wooden holders to give me something to screw two roundhead M5 bolts into to secure the front panel.

some placeholder words for the tool tipsome placeholder words for the tool tip
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