31 Aug 2011

I am not dead!

Several things have prevented me from updating this blog.

Firstly - and slightly curiously was the removal of applescript support from CyberDuck. Cyberduck is the FTP software that I use and it used to support scripting, this allowed me to upload only changed files over my incredibly slow internet connection to the hosting server.

This blog is produced using a homebrew software suite written in Objective-C (as a learning exercise for me) to make the system work sensibly I have had to hack the system so it only updates changed files (it used to rewrite all files in the blog from a clean slate on each change) in this way I can now only upload files that are changed using Cyberduck inbuilt sync - and that will in turn mean it is actually practical for me to update the blog.

Anyway - now back to the modelling and next item will be a catch up with where I am.

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